9-26-15 Had a wonderful experience with the intense, bright, fabulous and heartfelt students and faculty at Colgate University over the past couple days. Once again, I give the community my sincere condolences at the tragic loss of the two young people who were students at Colgate, Ryan Adams and Cathryn (Carey) Depuy. I was surprised and incredibly grateful that people attended my events during such a challenging time for the campus. 

The energy at Colgate was so intense and sincere, I was overwhelmed at the very gracious reception I received at the Center for Women's Studies gathering. What an amazing space.

One of the best parts of being a poet who reads publicly, is having the opportunity to connect with kind, sincere people throughout the country/the world and, I"m proud to say, in upper reaches of my home state. I had a great time on campus and am so grateful to the Educational Studies department and especially Barbara Regenspan and their chair, John Palmer, for giving me such a warm welcome. I am also deeply grateful for all the student activists who made my visit possible.

I was extra surprised and delighted to see buddies I haven't run into in ages  "in the house" like the lovely poet Lyrae Van Clief Stefanon and lovely photographer Gerard Gaskin.  Nice to visit new places and see long-time friends as well as to make new friends. 

Upstate NYC is so beautiful. It's a wonder. Just breathtaking. I'm so proud of the big apple and the apple tree it's part of. #NYC <3 s #NYS. Thanks again Colgate and the charming Hamilton, NY.

-12-15 Thanks for visiting the re-built, simpler, site. Here are a few pix of folks and locales I've been hanging out with over the last few beats, especially since I last updated the website years ago. Thanks for taking a look around!

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